CBD Wellness Depot to Launch in Michigan and Georgia


Soft Openings Scheduled Following Black Friday

Denver, Colorado (November 16, 2015) – Belena Ventures, parent company of Cannafit – the first national diet, fitness, wellness and THC/CBD tracker and overall health web app for the cannabis community – announces the launch of it’s newest endeavor, CBD Wellness Depot. CBD Wellness Depot will have a robust online presence and will open the first two of its retail locations, one in Georgia and one in Michigan, before the end of November.  Before year’s end, the company will open an additional location in Southern, CA and is developing plans for a New Jersey location in early 2016.  CBD Wellness Depot is also launching a distribution arm which aims to serve alternative healing facilities, with coverage in large regions throughout the United States, with best in breed CBD products.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has proven itself to be a very powerful medicine. In fact, many patients in medically legal cannabis states have found that their bodies and minds react better to high CBD blends of cannabis. Many prefer these blends because high CBD strains tend to be quite low in THC (the constituent that causes the psychoactive effects that create a “stoned” feeling). The company’s online store and retail locations aspire to have the largest collection of nationally legal CBD products, outside of a dispensary, in the country.

CBD Wellness Depot’s co-founder and CEO, Peter Boehm, has seen the need for a viable way for those in need to safely acquire top notch medicine. “We will be sourcing CBD products which are derived from the highest quality plants utilizing FDA and USDA compliant production standards and quality guidelines. We are thrilled to not only have the capacity to be able to attend to this highly underserved market and help the health conscious to the terminally ill – but we are able to do so 100% legally and with the blessing of the leaders of the states that we will be operating in.   The company has secured exclusive distribution rights for industry leading brands in 11 States located in the Midwest, Southeast and West Coast with more to follow. Our mission is to educate and serve the market with best in class products and information to achieve optimal health.”

“We are working with naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, wellness centers, health food stores and chiropractors. We want to help to educate them and their patients on the values of CBD and how this substance can aid their health and their lives.” says CBD Wellness Depot’s President, Jennifer Ford,  “Our representation arm is working with leading brands to get their products placed with national drug and convenience store chains.”

To get the latest information on CBD Wellness Depot and store openings, to check availability of product or to reach their distribution center, visit them online at  http://www.CBDWellnessDepot.com or contact Peter Boehm at Peter.Boehm@CBDWellnessDepot.com.  

About Belena Ventures, LLC

Belena Ventures, LLC is a diversified holding company introducing unprecedented responsible health, wellness and business practice solutions into Cannabis sector.  Our first web offering Cannafit, will be the only national health, wellness, consumer analytics and customer retention web app in the Cannabis sector.  Serving Cannabis consumers and business equally, the company is providing tools to empower cannabis businesses with compliance, consumer safety and wellness, behavioral analytics, customer loyalty as well as retention offerings.  In 2016, Belena Ventures will launch the industry’s first national group purchasing organization (GPO) designed to provide the over 50,000 cannabis businesses, vape, novelty and grow shops with aggregate savings from the vendor community ranging from 10% – 25% across the entire supply chain spectrum for non-cannabis products.  Inquiries should be directed to: pboehm@cannafit.org or Jennifer.Ford@CBDWellnessdepot.com.

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