Why You And Your Business Benefit with Cannafit

by Peter Boehm, Founder and CEO of Cannafit

I’m a firm believer that all of us, whether an individual or a business, have a social obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Frankly, achieving this doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice making money or being “for profit,” rather that we need to be mindful that our contributions to society always have some focus on being altruistic and generating community goodwill.

Me in 1982.
Me in 1982.

In my teens and 20’s I could have been the poster child for the “closet stoner”.  I was a good student, an athletic and industrious hard worker and I was part of the “wake and bake” crowd.  In my 30’s and for most of my 40’s I was a teetotaler, totally abstaining from alcohol,  and embracing a regimented healthy lifestyle consumed with exercise and my outward appearance.  

In my late 40’s I began to realize the importance of holistic health. Although I was a workout junkie, I had some physical ailments and health issues which helped me understand that health was not limited to physique.  I came to see that prescription medication is not a panacea – there was no pharmaceutical cure-all.  I had seen that a more natural approach, including proper diet, nutrition, exercise and responsible cannabis use, had proved far more effective a regime than countless prescription pills treating the symptoms and not the condition.

And out of that awareness, Cannafit was created. Here, our mission is to provide sound business practices through technology solutions that allows cannabis businesses the opportunity to maximize their potential and provide sustainability today, tomorrow and in the future.

Cannafit is both for consumers and cannabis businesses.  We help consumers achieve a better quality of life while incorporating responsible cannabis use in their daily lives and healthy lifestyle.  For businesses we provide deep analytics and customer loyalty unlike anything that currently exists in the industry. Our platform offers unprecedented engagement, access and goodwill between companies and their customers.

We help the consumer optimize his or her intake of cannabis so that it is most effective for their personal use.  We are web based, so we are accessible from any device with internet browsing abilities. Cannafit is not a device like FitBit, but we do provide all the logging and tracking platform recorded by FitBit, Withings, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal and more.  We are the only engine that not only integrates with all these devices to track your health, wellness and daily lifestyle but also has the additional capacity to incorporate your cannabis usage.  We provide tracking, planning and analytical tools that allow a person to determine the right dose, ideally suited for their objectives.  Furthermore, we integrate THC / CBD dosing with other lifestyle choices and behaviors such as diet, nutrition and exercise – so people can better understand how all facets of their daily behavior affect them and contribute to their desired health & wellness objectives.  There are over 40 million consumers using devices like FitBit in the U.S.  We’d be naïve not to realize that a portion of this segment are also cannabis users.  

via Freepik
via Freepik

For cannabis businesses,  we provide an affordable and effective manner in which cannabis businesses can be compliant with existing and emerging health and wellness / consumer safety regulations mandated by governing agencies.  Our health and wellness features are just the tip of the iceberg, however.  It’s because of our mass and frequent engagement with the customer that we are able to provide our cannabis business clients the most comprehensive insight as to who their customers really are, what they consume, in what manner, what strains or products they prefer, what dosage they typically ingest, what they buy and MOST IMPORTANTLY what they’re planning to buy and when. Our gamification and robust loyalty features deliver the industry’s most sophisticated and rewarding loyalty and customer retention solution available in the industry.  We provide the ability to promote responsible cannabis use as part of a healthy lifestyle. By utilizing Cannafit, you’re sending the message that your brand cares about its customers and the community.  

The future of Cannafit is limitless. We will become a diversified portfolio of industry best solutions that helps cannabis businesses optimize efficiency and customer engagement.  From a consumer’s perspective, we will be the leader in promoting the responsible use of cannabis as well as promoting community goodwill and encouraging people to take control of their choice and quality of life.           





One thought on “Why You And Your Business Benefit with Cannafit

  1. Such a valuable tool for the industry! I love how you are promoting responsible use of cannabis as part of an over all healthy lifestyle!


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